What to see in Prague?

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where each building in the old city center bears the memory of the events of a long history and is a unique work of art. Every year more and more travelers from all over the world come to Prague. This Czech city will make you walk a lot, eat delicious food, drink delicious beer. The main must-see sights:

                   1.Prazhsky Castle.

Prague Castle is a large historical complex at the highest point of Prague. It includes: St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, Royal Gardens,
Presidential Villa and Queen Anne's Summer Palace. The city was created as a defensive structure. And it was the seat of kings and presidents.
For about 30 years, Prague Castle has been open to all tourists and ordinary citizens. This excursion will take a whole day. At the highest point,
there is a cafe with a panoramic view of the whole of Prague. The sight is breathtaking.

                   2. Charles Bridge.

Coming down from Prague Castle, work your way across the Charles Bridge. The bridge connects the two parts of the city, was built in the 14th century,
the kings walked along it during their coronation. There are 30 sculptures on the bridge, each of extraordinary beauty. According to legend, if you
rub them in certain places, then the most cherished desire will come true.

                   3. Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall was erected on the Old Town Square in 1338. An astronomical clock or "Prague chime" is installed in one tower of the town hall.

Periodically entertain tourists with a performance of moving figures.

                   4 Prague Zoo

To visit this zoo, you need to immediately set aside a whole day. It is striking in its size, you can walk around it, winding kilometers, day and night.
It began its history as a private menagerie, and today it is a national treasure of Prague. Included in the top of the best zoos in the world.
The park has all the amenities, there are often toilets and cafes. Lots of places to stay. And the cable car deserves special attention.
The panorama of Prague and the feeling of flight will forever remain in your memories.

                   5. Dancing House

One of the most striking of the recently erected sights of Prague. In the historic center, the building was built in the early 90s.
The idea of ​​the building is to transfer the image of a dancing couple to the structure of the building. On the top floor of this house,

there is a French restaurant with excellent views of the city.

In general, it is impossible not to fall in love with Prague. And see everything in one trip. The listed places are only one percent of what you need to see,

where to sit. Restaurants, cafes and street food in Prague deserve special attention. If possible, take a ride on a panoramic ferry along the Vltava, then do it without fail.
Moreover, both night and day excursions are great. You can also arrange memorable shopping in Prague, buy real Czech grenades and real Bohemia Crystal https://aleks-crystal.com/glasses-of-brandy/.
A huge number of souvenir shops with an assortment for every taste and pocket. Prague will forever remain in your collection of the best travels.

Суббота, Октябрь 9, 2021
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